Save Energy Jobs In Texas

Texans know the oil and gas industry is key to our economy. Today, progressives like Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the Green New Deal are working to destroy our energy industry pushing radical policies to eliminate fossil fuels. If successful, Texans will lose over a million jobs and our economy will suffer. Using smart technologies and policies, we can clean the environment while creating new jobs and products from Texas Oil and Gas. Tell lawmakers to save our energy industry and reduce carbon emissions.

If you want to help Save Energy Jobs in Texas, sign this form and provide us with your contact information. When the time comes, we’ll ask you to contact your elected representatives. 

CNC offers Texas a smarter path to reduce carbon emissions through investments and carbon offsets.  Encouraging investment will create more jobs and increase the economic base in Texas on a sound environmental footing.  This is our objective:  Let’s make the economy better and the environment cleaner.  In fact, our coalition recognizes the carbon emissions issue must be addressed. 
This means asking Texas lawmakers to help develop policies that will save energy jobs in Texas before progressives in Washington pass laws or impose new regulations that ban fossil fuels as a source of power and an important part of many of the goods essential to our way of life.